BizInt Smart Strategy Dashboards

A new service to support your drug development strategy, clinical trial design and competitor intelligence.

For over 20 years, BizInt Smart Charts tools have been used by analysts in top pharmaceutical and biotech companies to create reports and visualizations to support their decision-making.

Don’t have the time to learn and use the BizInt Smart Charts tools yourself?

BizDash is a service offered by the BizInt team. We use BizInt Smart Charts tools with supported drug pipeline, clinical trial and biomedical literature databases to create data-centric reports and visualizations targeted to your analytic needs.

The BizInt team works with you to understand your needs, execute the right search strategy (using your data subscriptions) and then create tailored reports and/or visualizations.

BizDash is designed to help BizInt Smart Charts customers maximize their software and data licenses and to “jump-start” increased use of the tools.

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How much does it cost?

Most BizInt Smart Charts licenses include free BizDash projects!
Contact us to see if you qualify.

For those who are not currently BizInt customers, the cost of BizDash projects is typically $1,500-$5,000.

For more information...

See examples of BizDash projects using drug pipeline, clinical trial and biomedical literature.

Download the BizInt Smart Strategy Dashboards (BizDash) brochure.