BizInt Smart Strategy Dashboards

A new foundation for your competitive intelligence, regulatory strategy, and clinical trial design.

For over 20 years, BizInt Smart Charts tools have been used by analysts in top pharmaceutical and biotech companies to create reports and visualizations to support their decision-making.

Don’t have the time to learn and use the BizInt Smart Charts tools yourself?

BizInt will search the trial registry databases and use our tools to build BizInt Smart Strategy Dashboards (BizDash) for you, helping you answer questions like —

  • Where are trials ongoing for our indication?
  • When are trials in each phase scheduled to complete?
  • What primary endpoints are being used in competitor trials?

To get started, request a no-obligation quote.

Tier 1 Dashboards include a BizInt Smart Charts tabular report integrating search results from clinical trial registries, including, EU Clinical Trials and WHO ICTRP. Pricing starts at $1500 and is based on your search topic.

Tier 2 Dashboards build on the BizInt Smart Charts Table and add a portfolio of visualizations designed for trial analysis – including timelines, maps, bar charts, and estimated trial completion timelines – delivered in PowerPoint. Pricing starts at $3500 and includes all Tier 1 deliverables.

For more information, download the BizInt Smart Strategy Dashboards (BizDash) brochure.